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Human Resource Consulting

Let HKP take HR compliance and human capital management strategies off your plate with our HR consulting services. As your partner, we are here whether you need full-service HR or simply advice on special projects. From hire to retire we provide you with solutions and strategies to stay on top of the ever-changing HR landscape.


Human Resource Consulting

Why consider an external partner for your HR needs?

HR compliance and human capital strategies are ever-evolving. If your current HR staff needs additional assistance, or you’ve experienced such growth that you are considering placement of an HR resource but are just not sure if there’s enough work, HKP can take this off your plate.

As just one component of a comprehensive workforce management solution, our experienced HR consultants will assess your HR needs including but not limited to:

  • Employment law compliance
  • Benefits analysis
  • ACA consulting and compliance
  • Compensation structure
  • Employee resources (recruiting, performance management & organizational development strategic goals)
  • Employee relations problems & issues
  • Training & development
  • Onboarding (process & form review)
  • Employee assessments
  • Employment screening services

Utilizing a business partnership model from hire to retire, we will provide you recommendations as to what solutions and services would be most effective and provide the greatest return on investment to your organization.

Ways you can partner with HKP

The HKP HR consulting division offers a complete portfolio of HR services. While compliance monitoring provides the foundation, our team builds on your organization’s strengths by partnering with you to identify additional areas of opportunity to enhance your success. Our ultimate goal is to provide business-oriented solutions to maximize your human capital productivity and minimize your expenses and liability exposure.

HKP can assist you with the following:

  • A full service HR solution. We have experience building HR infrastructure for organizations starting at the conception phase.
  • Complementing your current HR resources. Sometimes, there is just not enough time to meet the daily requirements, much less find time to strategically plan or complete important HR projects. Whatever your HR needs, we can customize our solution.
  • Special projects. You may know specifically what needs to be done in your plan year to continue on your projected organizational strategic goals. Our experienced HR consultants are happy to partner with you to help you accomplish your goals faster and recognize the benefits of those goals sooner.

Not sure what HR solutions you need? Enlist our help to complete a comprehensive HR, training or health care reform benefits needs analysis and identify your priorities before you decide where your money is best spent!

The team approach

No one HR professional can know it all. The HKP HR consulting team is comprised of a group of experienced HR professionals who complement each other by possessing individual areas of subject matter expertise. Our intent is purposeful – we continue to build on our deep bench strength to ensure all our clients’ unique needs may be served through a single service solution.

Our bench strength of professional expertise is expansive. Whether it’s a payroll solution, benefits analyses, ACA compliance, employment tax credits, retirement plans, custom training programs or full-service HR consulting, HKP’s comprehensive workforce management solution will right-size to fit your organization’s needs.

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