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What’s coming to the workplace in 2019?

By Lori Stewart, SPHR®, SHRM-SCP, HCS, HR consulting partner at HKP Happy New Year Dubuque and surrounding communities! It’s that time again where we stop to reflect on the past and consider the future. Typically, we’re asking: What will 2019 bring? But perhaps the question we need to ask instead...

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Form W-2

The deadline for remitting Form W-2 and Form W-3 to the Social Security Administration is Jan. 31, 2019. You must furnish the W-2 to your employees by Jan. 31. You will meet this requirement if the form is properly addressed and mailed on or before the due date. If you receive a...

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Third-party sick pay

Sick pay is any amount paid to an employee who is unable to work because of sickness or injury. These amounts are sometimes paid by a third-party, such as an insurance company, and may be subject to Social Security, Medicare and income taxes. These wages can either be included on the...

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About Us

As a human capital management (HCM) firm, HKP can take a lot off your plate for managing your workforce. From payroll management to human resource compliance/strategy to lucrative employment tax credits, HKP offers a complete payroll and HCM solution to clear your plate of these critical tasks.

Our complete menu of HCM solutions includes:


Through our full plate of payroll and human capital solutions, HKP offers a full-service, comprehensive workforce platform teamed with world-class customer service.

  • 50 states covered by our HCM solutions
  • 1 database for payroll, HR & benefits
  • $84M in tax credits claimed for clients in 5 years

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HCM Solutions for Small Companies (1 – 49)


HCM Solutions for Large Companies (50 – 1000+)


Keeping small and large companies in mind, we provide services and solutions that fit your business’s needs to maximize your investment.

Latest News

CenturyLink National Outage

CenturyLink is experiencing nationwide issues impacting their phone and internet customers intermittently. If you are having issues contacting us at Honkamp Krueger, HK Payroll Services and/or Kabel Business Services via our land line numbers, please email

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IRS Releases Final 2019 W-4

The IRS has released the final copy of the 2019 Form W-4. As reflected in the previous draft version of the form, the 2019 W-4 contains no significant differences from the 2018 W-4. Language has been added to clarify that employees should

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IRS extends 1095-C deadline

The IRS has announced the extension of the 1095-C and 1096-B deadline for furnishing forms to individuals from Jan. 31, 2019, to March 4, 2019, after consultation with employers and insurers who requested more time to

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