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Adding some SaaS to your human resources department

September 1, 2015

By Elizabeth Kahle, PHR® Human Resources Technology Consultant

As the human resources world gets more complicated daily with new regulations, increased reporting requirements and a broader scope of tasks, we look for methods to increase our productivity in order to reallocate time on more strategic items. A solution that is extremely beneficial is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product.

This platform offers robust capabilities across the employee’s entire lifecycle and enables employees globally to be consolidated into one system. While SaaS products may vary in the business applications they offer, most packages applying to the HR realm offer some type of general ledger or accounting application, human resource management, payroll, manager self-service, employee self-service and benefits applications.

SaaS products operate in the cloud allowing access to the system from anywhere at any time. Not only does this allow users to complete responsibilities outside of the office such as releasing payroll or completing a performance evaluation, it also provides a system that is always up-to-date. The additional costs to purchase, install and maintain hardware is a thing of the past. You are never waiting for updates or any large software installs taking up valuable time or valuable space on your servers. Furthermore, users no longer need the IT support required in the past as the maintenance and support is outsourced to the provider.

This type of platform houses the pertinent information needed for employees throughout their lifecycles and allows reporting off the information stored along with the ability to create custom reports. We can now ditch the multiple spreadsheets and other reporting devices, and with a couple clicks of a button, gain any or all of that information previously stored in multiple places.

You can empower your employees to make some changes on their own such as updating addresses, enrolling in benefits and updating emergency contacts. You can still control which information employees have access to and verify all information they change with a workflow process. Employees can also access their paystubs through an employee self-service function and access information about their PTO balances, direct deposit information and more depending upon what you would like them to be able to see and/or change.

Many tracking items can take significant time to complete manually. A SaaS product can offer significant time-savings. Items such as tracking PTO accruals and sorting through employee personnel files to find recognitions and discipline can be streamlined by tracking in a SaaS system. Simply pulling up an employee name and selecting each category will provide you with the complete history of all of these items and more. You can enable your managers to have access to this information through manager self-service empowering them through HR every time they have a question. If something needs to be added to the employee’s record, the manager can add/update the record with a notification going to HR (or other pre-determined approval path) for approval before the change is effective. This is also a great way to enter and track items like salary changes, discipline, awards, education, skills and certifications.

SaaS products can offer a multitude of benefits to your organization from time savings to empowering your employees with information. Many of these products even allow for some customized tracking to fit every business’s needs. With an ever-increasing emphasis on strategic HR functions, SaaS products offer a solution to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and manage personnel more effectively.

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This article was previously published in the January 2013 Tri-State Business Times.

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