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Applicable Large Employers potentially subject to fines or penalties from the ACA

July 5, 2016

Some Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) have begun receiving Marketplace notices indicating that an employee reported not having insurance coverage that was affordable or of minimum value through their employer. These notices include indication of a fine or penalty to be applied to the employer relative to that employee.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes shared responsibility provisions for ALEs which state that an employer with more than 50 employees must provide health care coverage that is both affordable and of minimum value to their full-time employees or face a fine or penalty.

There are both individual tax implications and employer shared responsibility provisions that directly impact employers’ compliance with ACA regulations. Employers receiving these notices will want to take action such as filing a dispute or addressing their overall plan compliance and strategy. HKP has an ACA Task Force dedicated to helping clients manage their health care plans and compliance within the regulations of the ACA. Contact your account manager to be connected with a member of our Task Force.

For more information or assistance on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or HR/benefits compliance, call 888-556-0123, email info@hkpayroll.com or submit our online form.

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