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Employee W-2 Verification and Employee W-2 Preview

December 20, 2018

Be sure to review your Employee W-2 Verification & Employee W-2 Preview reports before the last payroll of the year for any address, Social Security number or retirement plan box changes.

Names and Social Security Numbers
The names and Social Security numbers should be exactly as they appear on the employees’ Social Security card. The IRS may impose a penalty for each Form W-2 that is filed late or with missing or incorrect information.

Retirement Plan (W-2 Box 13)
If the employee contributed to a retirement plan or the employer contributed to a retirement plan for the employee in 2018, the Retirement Plan line on the Employee W-2 Preview should show “Yes.” For more information about when to report contributions in box 13, see the Form W-2 Box 13 Retirement Plan Checkbox Decision Chart from the 2018 Form W-2 instructions.

If you contribute to any type of retirement plan to which the employee does not also contribute, ensure that the Qualified Pension Plan checkbox is selected for the employee’s most current employment category record. For more info, visit https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/common-errors-on-form-w2-codes-for-retirement-plans.

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