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HR & Benefits

HKP offers HR and benefits management through iSolved, our total human capital management solution. The HR & benefits component of iSolved uses your existing employee demographics to track all your HR and benefit data. No duplicate entry, no system integration. You already have the software, and with HR & benefits, you can maximize its value.


HR & Benefits

HKP’s total human capital management solution, iSolved, has all of your HR and benefits management needs covered.

By using your existing employee demographics, all of your HR and benefit data is tracked in the cloud-based system eliminating duplicate entry and system integration headaches. The HR and benefits component can take a lot of your plate by maximizing your iSolved software.

Affordable Care Act compliance

iSolved helps you monitor compliance with the Affordable Care Act and reduce your exposure to penalties. Reports use employee and benefit data to help you answer essential compliance questions:

  • Are you a large employer subject to penalties under the ACA?
  • Are your employees classified properly as full- or part-time based on their hours worked?
  • Do you have employees who are not currently enrolled in your plan who should receive coverage?
  • Will your current health plan be considered affordable?
  • What is the cost of noncompliance compared to the cost of offering affordable coverage?
Employee self-service updates

Your employee records stay current with the least amount of administrative hassle.

  • Allow employees to submit updates that generate email alerts to the HR administrator for events such as name, address, tax and direct deposit changes.
  • Approve updates to the system with one click.
  • Keep records of all updates without papers or files.
Benefit plans

The benefits feature reduces tedious administrative tasks and streamlines your employee benefit processing.

  • Connect plans seamlessly with employee deductions so when a plan rate changes, all employee deductions are automatically updated.
  • Track dependent and beneficiary data in one, easy-to-manage place.
  • Ensure the correct amount is withheld for each employee deduction with monthly or annual limits.
  • Tag health plans as ACA minimum essential coverage to enforce compliance rules and for use in ACA reporting.
  • Generate the newly required IRS forms 1095-B and 1095-C that auto-populate based on employee benefit plan records.
Performance reviews

The performance review feature puts customized reviews at your fingertips.

  • Build customized reviews with your own questions and rating systems.
  • Empower managers and supervisors to schedule reviews on the fly.
  • Create self-reviews for employees to complete.
  • Use email alerts so managers know when a scheduled review is approaching or past due.
Time off requests & employee absences

Tracking employee absences and time off requests is easier than ever.

  • Use an automated, paperless request and approval process with email alerts for each step.
  • Tie absences to your existing leave accrual balances and earnings.
  • Improve accountability by allowing employees to view their balances and giving managers an easy tracking tool for time off.
Employee jobs & workers’ comp

The HR & benefits component tracks employees’ managers and supervisors and helps manage vital job-related data, such as workers’ compensation, EEO category and FLSA exemption status.

  • Assign managers and supervisors to employees.
  • Use manager and supervisor self-service to empower management with approved employee data.
  • Track salary grades to help manage employee pay.
  • Track job descriptions and summaries.
  • Assign workers’ comp classification codes and track rates by state and code.
  • Manage workers’ comp premium costs with powerful reporting options.
Human resources data

The HR management pages track all your employee data in one place:

  • Certifications
  • Education
  • Prior Employment
  • Skills
  • Training
  • Awards
  • Company Assets
  • OSHA Incidents
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Miscellaneous Data

All HR & benefits features are tied to a vast library of reports, and the report writer makes creating unique reports simple.

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