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How cloud-based solutions help you manage your workforce effectively

May 31, 2018

By Natalie B. Hoffmann, CPA.CITP HKP President

Cloud-based technology is changing the way companies operate across the globe whether they’re business-to-consumer or business-to-business. Most business owners are familiar with cloud-based accounting solutions, inventory management and sales, and file storage; but, how many are taking advantage of the cloud-based options for workforce management?

Managing the details of your human capital is a great way for companies to consolidate programs and eliminate waste, as well as access their files from anywhere at any time. With the on-the-go world in which we live, employers need effective and efficient solutions to handle the weight of workforce management.

Eliminate waste

When you go online, or in the cloud, one of the biggest benefits is eliminating paper waste. These files are secured and protected using the most advanced technology available, and employers should consider the resource savings they could gain from moving to the cloud. Most solutions store the most up-to-date forms you need and can prompt the user when something is incomplete, ensuring you always have the newest information and what you are collecting is as accurate as possible. Many businesses are trying to reduce their consumer footprint, and going to the cloud is a big step toward that goal.

Consolidate programs

If you or your team are currently working across multiple systems for a time clock, payroll, and HR and benefits administration, then a cloud-based solution with a single sign-on offers many benefits to you. When you eliminate redundant steps, the risk for errors is significantly minimized. Plus, it saves valuable time on the part of your team who could allocate their time and energy elsewhere. Additionally, managing fewer vendors with an all-in-one system means you can get all the answers you need often with a single phone call. Fewer purchase orders, fewer phone calls and fewer systems to learn means you and your team can work more efficiently and hopefully get to those projects you’ve been putting off.

Work from anywhere

Perhaps the greatest benefit the cloud has given us is the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud-based HCM solutions let you see the status of your company’s payroll and reports from anywhere at any time. If you need to make a key decision while on the road, the information is available to you where you are. If your customer service rep needs access to your account to help you make a change, he/she can do so from their office without having to come on site and lose valuable time for both parties. Some providers even offer apps for their system making it even easier to see everything you need on your phone or tablet.

Stay up-to-date

With the ever-changing landscape of local, state and federal HR-related laws, having an up-to-date system and process is imperative to ensuring compliance. Department of Labor fines can weigh heavy on an employer, and ignorance is often not an accepted excuse of failing to deliver on compliance. Cloud-based systems download these forms directly to your system so you always have the most current information and can manage the changing tides of compliance. Plus, access to professionals whose job it is to know and understand HR law is a big plus to working with an HCM provider.

Whether you’re new to cloud technology, or you’ve been using it in other aspects of your life, these solutions can help you manage your workforce more efficiently and effectively through paperless forms, consolidated programs and mobile technology and can help you stay current in trends and technology.


Originally published on medium.com, Aug. 17, 2017.

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