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Is your Why convinced?

April 20, 2017

By Kathie M. Rotz, CPTM, Director of Learning

Why do you do what you do? Have you ever chosen a different direction in life? Why?

Chances are, if you chose to change a habit or change a direction, you have a good reason why you did. It’s such a good reason that no one will ever convince you to do it another way.

Years ago, I found myself in a whirlwind of unproductivity. Many projects were started, none were completed. My desk and email inbox were cluttered. Assignments were lost in the messes. And it felt like I lived in my email all day long. The pain and agony of disorganization, unproductivity and missed work assignments was too much to bare. Something drastic had to be done to change my bad habits.

  • I chose to shut off all email alerts and even close the email system when I was working on a project.
  • I chose to treat my email like a project – I only looked at my inbox when my project at hand was completed.
  • As projects are delivered to my desk, I choose to place them on a table behind me.
  • The only project that I see in front of me is what I am currently working on.
  • I chose to learn how to use the computer keyboard to complete my work instead of using the time-consuming mouse.
  • I chose to create appointments with myself (I actually blocked out my time in my calendar and kept these appointments!) to complete projects. During this block of time my email system was closed.

And, good news! I saw amazing results. I was even promoted! These drastic measures work. My ‘why’ is convinced that these extreme steps are worth it for the opportunity to focus and complete assignments. No one can sway me back to my old, poisonous ways.

Is your ‘why’ convinced? Or is it in “should” mode? I “should” eat healthier but I love sugar and just can’t help myself. I “should” shut off my email alerts but I have a fear of missing out. I “should” attend a keyboard shortcuts class but I don’t have time to learn. If your ‘why’ is in “should” mode then your ‘why’ isn’t strong enough. The benefits do not yet outweigh the disadvantages. It doesn’t hurt enough to make a change. Either wait till disease sets in or loss of your job happens because of your bad habits, or conquer the challenge before an issue arises. Try other solutions that show you more benefits. Test out what works for others. Prove to yourself that the benefits are more enjoyable and worth the change. And, take joy in missing out on the chaos!

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