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Stewart speaks at event focused on challenges facing small business

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HKP’s director of human resource consulting, Lori Stewart, was a featured panelist at the Job Creator’s Network (JCN) Bring Small Business Back (BSBB) event held October 4 at Giese Manufacturing in Dubuque. Stewart joined local business owner, Ben Graham of Graham’s Style Store, Congressman Rod Blum and Governor Terry Branstad, to talk about how government regulation affects small business as part of the BSBB national campaign.

“It takes significant time and resources for many small businesses to stay on top of regulation and compliance,” Stewart said. “For businesses both big and small, following regulation can be cumbersome and costly.”

JCN launched BSBB in 2016 to help drive awareness to the issues facing small business in the U.S. like regulation and compliance, and are touring the country talking to small business owners and policy makers about these issues. For more information on the event and the campaign, visit www.jobcreatorsnetwork.com.